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Effective PR is a major ingredient to growth. It ensures the world knows about you, understands you, and hears about your progress. It establishes the foundations of a long-lasting, positive reputation in your industry. 

With decades of experience and deep media relationships, Angle42’s team of PR pros will make sure your project gets the visibility and momentum it deserves.

Showcasing your vision and ideas establishes you as an industry leader. Angle42 works with your team to develop, draft, and place opinion pieces in high-value media outlets. 

Our world-class writers, editors, and PR professionals manage this process from start to finish, ensuring founders’ genuine voices come through while minimizing demands on your time.

Content published on your own channels tells your whole story on your terms. As media success brings increased attention to your project, it’s content that gives your new audiences the information they’re hungry for. Our expert team will devise and execute a complete content program, managing every stage of the process from ideation to drafting and publication.

  • Evergreen content: Foundational pieces that lay out the What, How, Who, Why, and When of your project.
  • Spot news: Not every announcement is going to get a feature story in the media. But smaller accomplishments – such as a product update or new hire – are essential to demonstrating growth and momentum. 
  • Owned thought leadership: Deep dive content that demonstrates the team’s expertise in its field.

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